Demos and Independent Projects

Room Study

Room Study Wireframe

Overgrown Temple

Overgrown Temple Wireframe, 150K Tris

“Haunted Mansion”

“Haunted Mansion” Wireframes

“Lit” PS3 Demo

“Lit” Wireframes

“Lit” PS3 Demo Screenshots

“Lit” PS3 Assets

Altered Beast Concept 01

Altered Beast Concept 01

Altered Beast Concept 02

TMNT Sewer Demo

“Mountain Temple”

“Mountain Temple” Wireframe

Eipix Games FPS Ship Asset

Eipix Games FPS Structure Asset

Dump Truck

Dump Truck Wireframe

Ford GT

FORD GT Sculpt and Wireframe

VW “Chicken”

VW “Chicken” Sculpt and Wireframe


I completed these various projects during a variety of time spans, from three days to one month.


Wayforward,Eipix Games and Personal Projects