Smurfs 2

“Smurfs 2” Concept Image

“Smurfs 2” Hub Village Level

“Smurfs 2” Main Menu

“Smurfs 2” Smurf Forest

“Smurfs 2” Gargamel’s Forest

“Smurfs 2” Mountains

“Smurfs 2” Fire Jungle

“Smurfs 2” Paris


During my time as Lead Environment Artist on “Smurfs 2,” I worked on the majority of assets in addition to supervising the team member’s art. We built everything in a modular fashion to facilitate the smooth assembly of levels. I also took the initiative to work with the engine team in order to construct tools for the production process.

Additional Credits:
Damon Dubois, Elyse Bromser-Kloeden, Brandon Biggs, Erin Holmes, Miguel Rico, Dominique Johnson, Yu Hua Guo, Nick Hamilton, Elina Bell, Jayne Johnston.


Lead Environment Artist


Wayforward and Ubisoft


PS3, XBOX 360, WII- U