Inspired by Blizzard

“Orc Armory” Heroes of the Storm Art Test

“Orc Armory” Wireframe, 15K Tris

“Orc Armory” Sculpt

“Orc Armory” Diffuse and Normal Map

“Orc Armory” In Game Composite

“Nexus” Starcraft 2 Art Test

“Nexus” Wireframe, 15K Tris

“Nexus” Normal and Diffuse Map

“Nexus” In Game Composite

“Ammuit Shrine” Diablo 3 Art Test

“Ammuit Shrine” Diffuse Maps

“Ammuit Shrine” In Game Composite

“Blood Elf Shrine” World of Warcraft Art Test

“Blood Elf Shrine” Wireframe

“Blood Elf Shrine” Diffuse Maps


These are Blizzard art tests for various projects. I hand painted every texture for each of my original designs. All the art tests took one to two weeks to complete.


Blizzard Entertainment